Up, Up and Away

The last month of 2013 was a bit depressing for me. It rained a lot so we rarely went to the beach. My daughter had problem eating up to the point we had to take her to the ER. Suspected she has ADHD and finally told her teachers at the end of the term. Got a translator’s block for the first time in my 10+ years in the field and had to return an assignment. Bad haircut (and too expensive I felt robbed). Fell sick on New Year’s Eve. *sigh*

Well, there are a couple of good memories, i.e. my daughter got to be one of the angels in our church’s Christmas play, I got to get together with my close friends and see The Hobbit 2, and managed to fly a paper lantern on the beach. Not bad.

But now that last year is so, well, last year, change is in the air. Started the first day of 2014 learning French. Then nailed the Macaroni Schotel recipe. Got news that my new assignment would be a book by C.A. Finally went to the beach again. Good haircut. The latest translations for Tiger Tales Mandala have been published here (shown here in the gallery). Aaaand my birthday is coming up this week. Not that I have plans or anything (both for my birthday and this year in general), but I believe–when I managed to fly up my lantern at the end of 2013–that life is going to take me far and to high places in 2014. 🙂

Happy new year, everyone!


4 thoughts on “Up, Up and Away

  1. huuu, udh lama ga ceting, kangen…
    gue sampe mimpi ketemu Freya, ikutan sedih juga di mimpinya karna dia kurus banget. but hopefully there’ll be progress now.

    yep, time to cheer up and think positive indeed! happy 2014!

    • Iya, abis beberapa kali nyoba install YM nggak berhasil2. Pas jam loe online juga gue biasanya udah mesti tidur krn harus bangunin Freya pagi2 utk sekolah. Udah gitu bulan kemarin waktu habis nungguin Freya (nggak) makan. Tapi sekarang udah gemukan kok dia, makan melulu walaupun bukan berarti jadi cepat ya makannya.. 🙂

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