Picture-framed Memory

Her first day of Elementary School

Her first day of Elementary School

After the big move came her first day of school. I went with her all the way to the classroom yesterday, where one of her teachers greeted her and helped her get her stuff into her locker. I noticed that each of the locker had a student’s name and a picture beside the name. Hers was a picture frame.

When I picked her up in the afternoon, she told me that she had a great time at school although she couldn’t finish her lunch on time–which means she didn’t get to play at recess. I asked her if she remembered her new friends’ names and she said she could only remember one. It’s nothing unusual because I remember faces but I always have problems with names too. 😀

Later in the evening, she told me that her locker had a picture frame on it because her name is Freya. Freya, frame. Aha! So I told her that it would be easier for her to remember her new friends’ names if she looked at the pictures on their lockers. She thought it was a great idea!

Getting the hang of it!

Getting the hang of it!

So today after school when I asked again if she remembered her friends’ names, she could tell me 12 (out of 17 classmates’) names. Woohoo! Well done!

It’s only the second day and I’m already feeling positive about the new school. I hope she is, too. 🙂


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