Facing the Nightmare

Read this first.

After 1.5 years, we finally visited her today. My mom also tagged along. We brought pizza, biscuits, books, latest photos, and as requested, three pieces of used clothings that belonged to me, my daughter, and my late husband.

Between the entry I wrote in December and today, she lost her husband due to illness. And yet when she saw us today, she was her usual self. Strong and all smiles.

In two weeks’ time we’re going to leave the city so this is probably our only chance to visit her before we go. God knows when we will meet again. My daughter would probably be a teenager by then. Today, being a kid as she is, she’s excited to see her because her oma promised her to make her more bags like she did the last time we came to visit. And look what we’ve got:

20130617-221935.jpgMy daughter told me to title this picture ‘Beadworld’. Okay, then.

We came home bringing more stuff than we did when we went out. :))

Anyway, she learned to make these beadworks there. She’s also helping out in the kitchen now. I hope this would help her turn her life around when she ‘graduates’ from the place.

She also gave my daughter pictures of her late dad when he was young.

20130617-225454.jpgYoung Victor explaining why birthdays must be celebrated. :p

20130617-225754.jpgAn only child for about 15 years, he and his daughter had so much in common.

When the time was up and she walked us to the gate, she asked me if I was already seeing someone… because she heard from her nieces (who are friends with me in FB) that they’ve seen pictures of my ‘boyfriend’ last year. They said he looked like my late husband. WHAT?! LOL. I think I have a pretty good idea who they were talking about (and I think my sister–and her husband–does too). Now should I say, “Naaah” or can I get an Amen? πŸ˜€

In the end, today I find that if you face your nightmare instead of running away from it, it’s actually not as scary as you thought it would be. πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Facing the Nightmare

  1. “he and his daughter had so much in common” –> aside from sharing the same face, you mean? πŸ˜€

    lucu2 ya karyanya! Freya pasti seneng banget deh. πŸ™‚

    … dan itu gimana ceritanya bisa dikira cowok lo ya? *nahan ketawa*

    • Haha iya aside from the face. Kadang2 si Freya suka ngomong sesuatu yang only Victor would say something like that too. :))

      Si Freya seneng banget tuh dpt tas bentuknya Minnie (trus strapnya kayak kepala Mickey banyak gitu pula..) sama gantungan kunci kayak Mimi White (kembarannya Hello Kitty, soalnya pitanya di kuping kanan katanya). Dapat anjing2an juga, langsung dikasih nama Digger. :))

      Mungkin cowok itu satu2nya cowok ‘keliatan single’ yang ada di photos gue kali. Bwahahaha. Begitu dibilang ‘mirip’ gue langsung nahan ketawa. :))))

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