May Photo A Day ~ Day 21: I Care About This…

Taken with iPhone 3GS camera, enhanced in Snapseed, effects in Camera+, label in PicFrame.

I care about lots of things, but not everything I care about make pretty pictures so I go with this instead.

I was in college when Romeo+Juliet came out in the theatre. I love to watch movies but I rarely watch the same movie twice in the theatre. R+J was an exception. I became obsessed with the movie that I bought both soundtracks, installed the mini program that came with the CD, bought a special promo meal at Arby’s just to get the T-shirt, and later on of course the DVD.

When Moulin Rouge came out, I watched it with my [then-future] husband. He fell asleep. I was mesmerized. I lost count how many bootlegged DVDs I bought before I found and bought the original. I won the soundtrack (cassette) from some entertainment web portal and then bought the CD. I plan to have tattoos inspired by this movie: the words “Truth”, “Beauty”, “Freedom”, “Love” with their corresponding visuals.

It was only after those movies that I learned about Baz Luhrmann’s previous work, Strictly Ballroom. It’s the first one in his Red Curtain Trilogy. I managed to get the DVD from a cousin who, at the time, was studying in Oz and got the soundtrack in Singapore. “A life in fear is a life half lived.” I believe it’s true (and yes, someday I would like to have this tattooed, too! :D)

Several months ago the Strictly Ballroom DVD went missing and I swore I’ve looked everywhere! I almost gave up and have started to look for a replacement when 2 weeks ago I found it… in my bedroom… among the music CDs. D’uh. I thought I was going to have to leave the house (for the big move) without it.

So yeah, I care about this (probably too much).. 😀


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