May Photo A Day ~ Day 11: Smile

Taken with iPhone 3GS camera, enhanced in Snapseed, text in Phoster.

Growing up in the ’80s, I used to watch Care Bears movies from the videos I rented every weekend. Decades later, when my daughter was about two, they became quite big again. Out of nostalgia, I introduced those caring bears to her through DVD. She played it over and over again until I’m pretty sure she knew it backwards. She thinks of herself as Cheer Bear (because she likes pink, obviously), me as Funshine, and her dad Grumpy.

She was 4 when her dad passed away. She came to the funeral home, oblivious to what had happened. Seeing her face when she saw her dad lying in his coffin, I told her that her dad was now in the clouds with the Care Bears. It’s a concept that she could grasp at that time.

Naturally, she became a bit obsessed with the bears. I gave her my old Friend Bear plush. And then my friend bougt her Secret Bear. Another one gave her daughter’s old Share Bear. And then came Harmony Bear. My sister even bought Grumpy Bear from ebay and had it delivered all the way here. And still, no Cheer Bear.

Last year I went to Singapore to see a concert. It was the first time I left my daughter at home for an out-of-town trip after I became a single parent. On the last day of the trip, I went to look for something for her. I was actually going to buy her something else and was on my way to the cashier when I saw none other than Cheer Bear herself, smiling from a rack nearby. It was meant to be.

Hours later, I arrived home. All weariness faded when I saw her smile upon finding Cheer Bear in the shopping bag. 🙂


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