The Translator’s Pet


Finally finished translating the book last night. Usually I don’t get deadlines from the publishing company, but it seems like this particular author (or her agent) wants the book to be published around the same time around the world. It was an honor for me to do the job, really. In fact, this is not the first time I translated her book.

I read the first book of her popular series almost 10 years ago. I could easily relate to her characters and writing style. I guess it was why I chose to translate chicklits after I passed the ‘probation period’ as a newbie translator. (Well, actually there is no such thing, but being a newbie you don’t really get to choose what genre you’d like to do.) I translated many chicklits since 2003 but it was only in 2010 did this author’s book land on my desk. If I google my name now, the search will turn up a review of the book (Indonesian version) and I’m glad that the review and most reviews I read are positive.

Ever since that book, twice I was assigned to translate her books under her real name (yes, surprise, surprise.. The books under her pen name are more popular.) Soon I discovered the other side of the author. If the books under her pen name are sweet, then these are the bitter ones. One is romantic comedy, the other drama.

Last year she published another book under her pen name but it was not assigned to me. A bit disappointed, of course, but mostly because I didn’t get to read it firsthand. Haha. Imported books are expensive, you know. :p

So I was thrilled when I got that email a month ago, asking if I could do her latest book. I practically locked myself up at home for a month to finish the book on time. Now that I’ve sent it to the publisher, let’s hope that I did the book justice and it will be well-received.

Tomorrow (April 23) is the US launch of the book, followed by UK on April 25. I don’t know when the Indonesian version will be published, but I expect very soon. I’ll let you know.


Oh, her name?

It’s her. ๐Ÿ™‚


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