Hocus Focus

“Stop fooling around. Focus. You’re almost there.”

That’s the message I got from a friend of mine who reads Tarot cards late last year. I don’t usually listen to anybody. But this is not anybody. It’s only a card. And my friend says the card does not predict the future, it merely reflects your situation. And yes, it happens to ring true.

I think several posts ago I wrote that I planned to relocate to another town, on another island. It started as a dream almost two years ago and was only a plan until earlier this year when all parents at my daughter’s school have known where they’d send their kids to after the last term is over this coming June. Of course I know which school I would like to enroll my daughter to. For the past year I’ve been going back and forth to the island surveying schools for my daughter and one stood out.

Not just one, but many people thought my moving to another town is to look for a man. A foreigner, to be precise, since the island is known as a melting pot of people from diverse nationalities. But no, my main reason to start a life in this island is to give my daughter a better education at a more reasonable price than here in the big city. Frankly, being a single mother with a freelance job, I cannot keep up with this city anymore. Everything costs too much–be it money, time, or energy. Luckily, being a single mother with a freelance job also means I can take my work everywhere and there’s no spouse to complain. And why that particular island? International-standard education and low living cost. So there you go. As simple as that. I’m not a romantic like they think. *chuckles*

As the year end approached, my Tarot reader friend said, “The most important thing is to have faith in yourself and everything you want to do.”

So, with those two card readings in mind, I called the school in January to get a schedule for the admission procedure. And so it began: having the admission forms taken from their office, paid for and sent here; filled out the endless pages and prepared then attached the necessary documents; flew there in mid-February to submit the forms and so my daughter could do a class trial (where I also sat observing) and got her interview with the principal.

We got the news on the same day that she was accepted. THAT was the cornerstone of our future life. Everything went fast after that. On the same day she got accepted, we saw a house for rent across the street from the school and when we took a look at it, it was exactly what we were looking for. It has 3 bedrooms (for me, my daughter, and my Mom), within walking distance to school (think of all the money I could save for transportation), and the minimum rent is only one year so it’s perfect for our plan to buy our own place later. If that is not a sign, I don’t know what is. Unfortunately we weren’t prepared for that. We went there only for my daughter’s school prep and we had to go back here because my daughter had a competition week coming up at her school here. So we left, hoping it would still be in the market.

To cut the long story short, we got the rented house. So last week, mid-March, again we flew there to take care of things for the new house (after my grandma’s funeral and my daughter won four trophies from her competition week at school).

You know, on our fourth day there, when we’ve done most of the first-things-firsts and I thought, “At last, today I could relax a little and probably have a little fun in the sun…” then BAM! In came an email with an urgent job. 5 days in an island that is famous for its beaches and we only stepped on the sands once. Haha. Who says every day is a holiday there? :p

When the news was out that I would move to the so-called paradise, a friend made a comment that I was so lucky. No, darling, it wasn’t luck that brought me there. For me it’s about dreaming big and actually making it come true by doing something about it. The cards just helped me to realize that at the right moment (before I waste money, time, and energy that I can’t afford on something that isn’t even relevant to my dream). Sure, it takes time. But in my opinion, being patient is not at all the same as waiting for things to happen.

So here I am again, back in the city that I will soon leave. I’m working on the urgent job that will hopefully help me pay the bills on time. No hocus pocus. Just focus. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Hocus Focus

  1. “For me it’s about dreaming big and actually making it come true by doing something about it.” – YES.

    good luck for the big move, Mba 🙂

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