On My Own

It just so happened earlier today I saw the extended movie trailer of Les Miserables (the musical one) and I remember having recorded this song “On My Own” (yes, that’s my voice, btw).

To tell you the truth, I first heard this song in one of “Dawson’s Creek” episodes where Katie Holmes (I forgot her name in the series) sang this song on stage. After a while, I (or was it my sister?) found out that the song was from the musical Les Miserables and that in one of the productions it was sung by none other than Lea Salonga (God, I love her voice).

Twice, I think, I auditioned using this song. The first one was for an internal audition at C-Choir (the charity choir I was involved in a loooong time ago) and the second one for a Broadway Highlights production. I didn’t get the second one because they told me they were also looking for certain looks and body types for the roles (yadda yadda), but I guess it left such an impression that one of them asked me to come by and join her regular gig anytime (which eventually never happened because I got pregnant and had a severe case of all-day sickness). 😀

Anyway, I just realized that all those times I sang the song, I was never really on my own.

Until now.


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