This picture of my husband was taken by a friend of his, Deny Mulia, when they–with other friends–went to one of the islands off North Jakarta. It was about a week before he passed away. I was at home, with my daughter, waiting for my turn to go to Bali when he came back.

When looking at this picture I often wonder what he was thinking. Did he wish we were there with him? Did he feel a certain longing to meet his creator, the one who created the amazing scenery in front of him? But yeah, knowing him, he might have simply thought about lenses and apertures.. and maybe grilled fish.

It’s been 15 months today and when I look at this picture again I can’t help but wonder if his heaven looks like this. I hope it does. I can picture him sitting there for eternity, taking endless pictures of the borderless sea, spying on his daughter, catching fish, and writing sentiments about the wind and the clouds. And when the sky turns dark he’ll sit by the fire, with his guitar, singing merrily with his artsy friends, including, probably, the late Jim Morrison. He won’t have to sleep or rest because he won’t have to go to work the next morning. He’ll be at peace. 🙂


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